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Ryan Sandes Conquers Fish River Canyon



Namibia is the one ultramarathon location that has troubled South African champion endurance runner Ryan Sandes.

In 2009, he was disappointed by his second place finish in RacingThePlanet: Namibia (it was the only RacingThePlanet event he lost all year). Then, in 2011, Sandes had to call off his Fish River Canyon ultramarathon attempt due to the threat from a rising river.

2012 has been a better year for Sandes. This year, the 52-mile Fish River Canyon race, which crosses broiling boulder fields and fords the Fish River more than a dozen times, was more manageable.

In early August, Sandes finished the course in just 6 hours and 57 minutes, beating the previous record on the second largest canyon in the world by nearly 4 hours.

The above film, “The Beauty of the Irrational,” charts Sandes’ failure and success across the stark, rocky, awe-inspiring Namibian landscape.

Take 6 minutes and witness endurance at its finest.

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