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Shark Chasing Kayak Faces Fisherman “Rocket” Brumaghim



Isaac “Rocket” Brumaghim was raised in the Hawaiian Islands and has never known a life without fishing. In 2005, he started his own fishing club based off the island of Oahu called Aquahunters. The club has since branded itself as the premier online destination for Big Game kayakers and it’s grown into the elite kayak fishing destination and platform for fishing-mad Hawaii.

Every year, Brumaghim and his group at Aquahunters host a big game kayak fishing tournament, called the “Makahiki.” For the last four years, the online tournament has brought together some of the most talented Big Game fisherman in the islands to compete with just their kayaks and their fishing poles.

Regardless of his skill and expertise, Brumaghim still wasn’t ready when he noticed a shark following his kayak on a routine fishing trip off the Island of Oahu in early April. “I was reeling in the kawakawa and at the last moment I could see right behind that there was something big and green. And I was kind wondering like what was going on there. And it happened so fast. Next thing you know the kawa took off again and then the shark splashed and that’s when I realized that there was a shark trying to get the kawakawa,” the surprised Brumaghim told Khon 2 news.

The shark chasing his kayak, which Brumaghim believes was a Galapagos shark, was said to have been around all day. A couple minutes after his encounter, Brumaghim had another reel in the water, ready to catch that next fish, shark or otherwise.

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