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Singapore Kicks Off The Liberty Hunt



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Want to try your luck at getting rich? Between September 30 and October 27 , the Asian island state of Singapore is hosting a treasure hunt.

The name? The Liberty Hunt. The location? Singapore’s 200-kilometer Park Connector Network, which will morph into a massive  treasure map, sprinkled with clues.

The clues will help treasure seekers crack a string of riddles documented on the Liberty Hunt website. The idea is that each time you solve a riddle, you get a single number digit. You need no less than 12 digits to crack the combination code on the last day. The prize — the true treasure — is a nice fat sum: $50,000. Amplifying the thrill of the chase, you can deploy a mobile app to check how your treasure hunting rivals are doing.

The hunt is the brainchild of an insurance firm, Liberty, which has teamed up with the National Parks Board, the traffic police and the Road Safety Council. The event’s subtle point is to encourage people to bike safely and be more responsible.

“I think people will have great fun, take care of themselves, and very importantly, get to know more about Singapore and the beautiful environment,” said Liberty Insurance’s managing director, Martin Bridger, to Channel News Asia.

Proceeds go to a charity chosen by the winning codebreaker.

If you need more of a reason to attend the Liberty Hunt, Singapore is one of Asia’s greenest, richest cities and an excellent springboard for exploring the rest of Southeast Asia.

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