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Take On Antarctica Ice Snorkeling with Aurora Expeditions



Australian adventure company, Aurora Expeditions, is now offering an entirely new twist on snorkeling – jumping into the frigid ice water of Antarctica and exploring amongst the penguins, seals and whales of the White Continent.

Aurora Expeditions invites you to go snorkeling off in Antarctica: the highest, driest, and coldest place on earth. Serious outdoorsmen who go on the trip to Antarctica will get the chance to explore the chilly waters amongst icebergs and wildlife only seen there. Aurora Expeditions promises that cruise participants will witness the stunning speed and mobility of penguins entering and exiting the ice. Additionally, participants will get to see the beauty of sculpted icebergs under the water and swim alongside captivating monster marine mammals firsthand.

Aurora Expeditions is the first Antarctica cruise company to offer activities such as scuba diving and camping on the continent. The extreme snorkeling trips are led by expert polar diving guides using cutting-edge gear. Passengers will get all the training and equipment they need to see Antarctica from Aurora‚Äôs extraordinary angle.

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