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Tangi Rebours Mountain Bikes Across Nepal To Find The Yeti



Anything can be a reason to go on a mountain biking adventure.

To professional mountain biker, Tangi Rebours, finding the legendary Yeti is just an excuse to bring his mountain bike to Nepal and ride some serious trails. Numerous climbers, sherpas and monks have seen footprints; a few have even fabricated scalps from the hides of high altitude goat-antelopes. Still, nobody has ever conclusively seen a yeti. Nevertheless, the yeti exists, at least in our minds.

That’s good enough reason for Rebours to set off on a mountain biking journey in Nepal – if the verdant valleys, steep mountainsides, and endless cobbled monastery steps weren’t reason enough. In Searching for the Yeti, Rebours travels Nepal on his mountain bike, spinning his wheels in search of the mythical beast. The video is just one of a few shot by Gary Thomas that document Rebours’ 10 years living and riding in one of Earth’s most extraordinary places.

You’ll have to watch until the end to find out if Rebours finds his yeti, or if the historic adrenaline mystery will live on.

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