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The 5,000 Mile Project Conquers South America



For over a year David and Katharine Lowrie have been running the length of South America, in a journey they have dubbed the 5,000 Mile Project – a testament to their love of running

Since July, 2012, the duo has run about 20 miles a day, making their way north from Tierra del Fuego, over the Andes, across the pampas and through the Amazon. For 14 months, their sights have been set on Venezuela and the Caribbean.

Finally, their journey is nearly complete. Over the past few months, the couple has been trudging through the Amazon rainforest, pulling three weeks of food supplies by trailer across dirt roads and through muddy paths. After more than 5,500 miles, the thick rainforest of Brazil is behind them. Ahead is Venezuela and the Guiana Shield, a mountainous region separating the Lowries from their destination: the coast of Venezuela.

Only about 800 miles remain until the Lowries reach their destination. Having combated insects, dehydration, exhaustion and countless other obstacles, it’s a destination much deserved. David and Katharine are expected to get there some time this October.

To keep up with their progress, check out the  5,000 Mile Project Facebook page and the 5,000 Mile Project Twitter.

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