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The Amazing Story of Paraplegic Kayaker Greg Mallory



Greg Mallory was paralyzed from the waist down in a skiing accident in 1994. That hasn’t stopped him from taking on Mother Nature.

Today, Mallory is an elite whitewater kayaker and paraplegic athlete, and an inspiration to dream chasers everywhere. The proof is in the footage. Directed by Andy Maser, the short film, “Walk on Water,” beautifully documents Mallory’s lifestyle in the rapids – from the hillside, where loyal friends help tow him through the trees, to the churning whitewater, where Mallory is more physically able than any kayaker you’ve ever met. Mallory doesn’t let his injury stop him from taking on the rapid and dropping down the waterfalls found at his native Oregon rivers.

But like all athletes, Mallory has his limits. He tells National Geographic his back muscles aren’t strong enough to support landing from the tallest falls. Things also get tricky when he gets tossed into the water, as happens to any kayaker that puts himself through challenging rapids.

“Swimming whitewater was my biggest concern when I started,” Mallory tells Nat Geo. Over 18 years in the water Mallory has experienced several close calls, but every time he’s fallen into the water he’s managed to pull himself out despite his paraplegic condition.

But that isn’t surprising coming from a guy as resilient as Greg Mallory. Mallory isn’t just a paraplegic athlete, he’s a born Adrenalist who proves how much strength we all have inside us.

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