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The Next Ueli Steck Project: Paragliding Everest?



What’s next for Ueli Steck?

It’s the question every adventure insider is asking right now. The scary-fast speedclimber, aka “The Swiss Machine,” has made it his job to pull off ingenious feats of human daring. In a 2007 project, he climbed the deadly North Face of Eiger in just under four hours, breaking the previous record by more than 45 minutes. A year later he broke his own record by an hour.

He has solo climbed plenty of legendary man-killing peaks without oxygen. Last year he linked 4 of them together: the Schilthorn, the Jungfrau, the Monch and the Eiger, climbing and paragliding from one to the next in an insane day of adventure that may never be matched.

What’s next for “The Swiss Machine?” In early April, Steck and fellow climber Simone Moro announced they would be doing “something different” on Everest. “Of course it will not be the goal to just summit Everest on the normal route,” Steck says in the video, produced by EpicTV. “And we will for sure not use bottled oxygen.”

Judging from the video above, the next Ueli Steck project may call for a daring paraglide from Everest. “I don’t think I would have been ready to fly off Everest last year,” he tells National Geographic’s Adventure Blog. He may have the skills now to do just that.


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