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TreT The Super Dog Does Parkour



Parkour has become well known in the last decade. Whether it’s David Belle‘s founding moves, professional crews taking cities by storm or amateur practitioners making stylish YouTube videos, parkour has infilitrated the tastemakers in the West. To our knowledge, however, parkour never incorporated any zoological components.

Until now. Meet TreT, an American Staffordshire Terrior hailing from the Ukraine. The jowly and overly developed hind-legs of TreT help him perform most parkour tricks. Plus, he’s everything you’d want in a dog: obedient, attractive, happy and willing to try just about anything for his master, YouTube’s 3FishMan. You can watch TreT in Moscow or Migova. You can even watch him sleep, if that’s your thing. The best of TreT, however, is when he’s climbing trees to happily bound off, jumping on sides of buildings and hopping over a fence. It’s all a typical day’s play for TreT, the Super Dog.

If you’re interested in training your own dog like TreT, you can do that, too, on

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