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Ueli Steck Climbs And Paraglides Three Times



We’ve featured Ueli Steck aka “The Swiss Machine“ before. He moves up mountains relentlessly, having achieved speed records on the Matterhorn and Eiger and completed minimalist ascents of Everest and Tengkampoche.

Turns out Ueli knows how to descend in style, too.

On August 18, Steck went on an ultra Alpine quad-climb, ascending to the tops of 4 towering peaks (3 by foot), strapping into a paraglider at their summits and swirling through thin air to the base of the next mountain on the map.

See that map at Steck’s official site to grasp the creatively dangerous route the legendary mountaineer plotted for himself.

Steck packed just a backpack stuffed with a paraglider and a few essential climbing items for the 14-hour circuit, which brought him from the summit of the Schilthorn to the Jungfrau to the Monch to the Eiger — the last three of which stand more than 13,000 feet tall.

That’s what we call a productive day at the office.

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