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Vaka Eiva Paddling Festival Begins



We are big fans of tackling extreme sport adventures in exotic locations. Take the Vaka Eiva paddling festival, for example, scheduled for November 23-30 in the Cook Islands.

The week-long celebration of canoeing lures over 850 competitors of all ages and genders from Fiji, Tahiti, Hawaii, Australia and even chilly Canada. One hundred teams total vie in a string of races for various trophies. In one event, strongmen battle to build a canoe from a tree trunk. Then there are iron man events, six-man races, relays and more. The 36 km 12-person Motu to Motu Race on the island of Aitutaki pushes you to paddle through a lagoon. “Imagine paddling on the front cover of a travel brochure,” the organizers say.

Both those racing and those watching will experience the spectacular islands’ landscapes. The island of Rarotonga is dominated by a time-worn volcanic pyramid whose crags form razorback ridges and saw tooth peaks, while Aitutaki blooms with tropical fruits and vegetables.

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