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Victoria Falls Rapid Run



The Victoria Falls are almost twice the size of the more acclaimed falls in Niagara. If you’ve ever been to the Niagara Falls, you should have a better understanding of just how large the Zimbabwean Victoria Falls are, and a grander scope of how hard they’d be to overcome in a canoe or kayak. The Victoria Falls’ imposing size did little to stop Steve Fisher, Dale Jardine and Sam Drevo from attacking them a couple years ago as part of the 80 minute film: The Ultimate Ride.

In the film, Fisher and his self-proclaimed “brothers” battle the Zambezi River, and it really is a battle. The lower Zambezi rapids, specifically run number nine, are like an animal that cannot be tamed. Watch as Fisher and his brothers battle the swirling water, and soak up the African spirit in the process.

The specious reason for Fisher’s daring do, was a report in late 2008 that the Zambezi River had reached levels never previously seen. That means the water was ripping for some outrageous kayaking, and if the footage in the trailer is any indication, that’s exactly what Fisher and his cast got.

To put it in Fisher’s own words from the trailer: “We’re in the flow, and there’s no turning back.”

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