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Try Waterfall Rappelling For A Vertical Drop Down The Rapids



Picture standing with your back to a thunderous 100-meter waterfall. You have a harness, a helmet and maybe a raincoat and a waterproof camera.

Now comes time for some adrenaline. You lean back, trust the rope and descend into the depths of the rapids.

Waterfall rappelling, a form of canyoneering, is an exhilarating family vacation or honeymoon activity for some and a bucket-list item for others. You don’t need a particular skill-set or a whole lot of muscle to rappel, just some hand and foot coordination in order to harness gravity during your descent. Afraid of heights? Consider this: at the end, you will be able to look up and claim the visual reward of what you just scaled down.

Throw in some tropical scenery and exotic wildlife and you’ve got an outdoor experience like no other.

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