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Wesley Trimble hikes entirety of Colorado Trail



Tackling just one of the 28 segments that make up the 486-mile Colorado Trail is tough enough, but Wesley Trimble hiked the entirety of the Rocky Mountain trail in one go.

Every year, a handful of Adrenalists take to the trails of Colorado by horseback or mountain bike, but not Trimble. From Denver to Durango, the recent Colorado University grad hiked the whole Rocky Mountain trail by foot. He brought along his GoPro and repeatedly hit the record button to capture his adventure. From caribou to Coney Summit (at 13,334 feet, the tallest mountain along the way), Trimble captures the best of the Colorado Trail – a trail that crosses multiple wilderness areas, averages more than 10,000 feet in elevation and climbs a total of nearly 90,000 feet.

From Jun. 16 to Jul. 16 – the trip took Trimble 31 days.

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