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What is Coasteering?



There is a new and exciting craze in the world of adventure sports. It’s called coasteering, and it involves swimming, climbing, scrambling and diving along a rocky coastline without the help of boats or surfboards.

Coasteering was pioneered in Pembrokeshire, Wales by surfers and kayakers in the 80s and 90s. Now, the action-packed pastime is said to be one of Britain’s fastest growing adventure sports. Wales, the location of the video above, remains the coasteering focal point because it has such a varied coastline: all the coves, caves and cliffs mean a rich variety of ins and outs. Wales coasteering hotspots include the Pembrokeshire Coast, the Isle of Anglesey and the Gower Peninsular. Regardless of its U.K. origins, however, coasteering can be done anywhere with a seaside.

People usually coasteer in groups – partly for safety and partly for the fun of socializing with family and friends while taking advantage of ocean and rock. Most participants wear a wetsuit and helmet.

Interested? We recommend coasteering in a guided group before going it on your own.

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