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What Is Greenpointing?



Rock climbing is a physically demanding and challenging sport, as we all know here at There is a high level of danger in making sure you don’t fall from the face of the rock, but then there’s also the mental aspect of it all. Climbers have different feelings and preferences about this, but you can use bolts, more or less guaranteeing your safety, or you can use a number of more advanced techniques and strategies to complete the same climb. Greenpointing is one of those techniques.

Greenpointing involves relying on gear that you place yourself along the way to catch you if you fall. That means that you’re not only in charge of the climbing part, you’re also responsible for being your own safety net. Using an existing bolted route without clipping the bolts, Greenpointing involves relying on trad gear, such as nuts and cams. There are few ways to be more in control of your outdoors experience.

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