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What Is MovNat?



The human body is designed for movement. It’s simple: the more you move, the better you feel. This tenet is the basis of MovNat: a physical education and fitness system rooted in honing the full range of natural human movement skills. Think locomotive skills like walking, running, jumping, balancing, climbing, crawling and swimming. Think manipulative skills like lifting, carrying, catching and throwing and combative skills like grappling and striking.

MovNat owes its existence to Santa Fe-based French pragmatist Erwan Le Corre, who has been called “one of the fittest men in the world” and a “fitness visionary” by Men’s Health magazine.

Certified MovNat trainer Sean Rogers applied MovNat efficiency principles to his work on some Swiss organic farms. As other volunteers succumbed to back pain, Rogers stayed ache-free and actually gained energy by focusing on his motion.

“To keep myself entertained while picking kiwi…I intentionally made it more challenging – positioning myself further away from the vines, so that I had to stretch as far as I could in order to reach them.  To say I got a lot of balance and reach practice would be a huge understatement,” he says.

MovNat is an opportunity to turn your everyday activities into an energizing, low-maintenance workout. Your motion may never be the same.

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