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Wounded Vets Tackle The Seven Summits



Every day we feature Adrenalists who push their bodies and our boundaries to the limit. Rarely, however, do we introduce you to an Adrenalist like Tim Medvetz, who pushes not only himself, but also injured heroes to the top of the world.

A former bouncer, Medvetz is the founder of The Heroes Project, a nonprofit that promises to take injured veterans to the top of the Seven Summits.

The first hero to reach the peak was Medvetz himself. In 2001, he shattered his leg in a motorcycle accident. As he watched 9/11 transpire before his eyes on television from a hotel bed, doctors told Medvetz he’d never walk again. How wrong they were. In 2007, he summitted Mt. Everest.

Now he’s bringing along others who have been through worse. He has already helped 3 injured soldiers take on the world’s highest mountains.

In 2009, he attempted Kiliminjaro with US Army Sgt. Neil Duncan, who lost both of his legs in Afghanistan. The pair had to turn around before reaching the top after supplies nearly ran out.

Later that year Medvetz attempted Russia’s Mount Elbrus alongside Army Sgt. Keith Deutsch, who lost a leg in Iraq in 2003. The two made it to the top of the tallest mountain in Europe.

In 2010, Medvetz and Sgt. First Class Matthew Nyman took on Denali, the tallest mountain in North America. Only 5 years earlier, Nyman was injured in a helicopter crash in Iraq when the top blade cut off his right leg below his knee. Despite the injury, Medvetz was unsurprised when they reached the top.

He knows how big are the hearts of the men and women of the armed forces. After a wait of more than a year, The Heroes Project has selected 4 new veterans to push to the top of the world. You can donate to the cause to push them yourself.

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