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Yosemite Range of Light



If the great wilderness photographer Ansel Adams were alive today, he’d probably take an arsenal of Canon HD cams and a quiver of lenses to Half Dome and shoot something like the beautiful video seen above.

Then, he might tweet about the video, post it to Facebook and holler at the writers of The Adrenalist to ask that we feature it. We’d most certainly oblige.

Instead, we’ve stumbled upon this ourselves, and no, this is not THE Yosemite Master who captured some of the same terrain almost 100 years ago.

Instead this work of video art is brought to you by destination photographer Shawn Reeder, who fell in love with Yosemite as a teenager and has since made it his home. The video, employing the use of cranes and high-tech timelapse techniques, took almost 2 years to film.

It’s been worth the wait.

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