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12-year-old extreme scooter prodigy defies logic



Jake Lorimer is a lot like other 12 year olds, except for the fact that he can do things on a scooter that defy imagination.

Lorimer’s flips, spins and grinds are otherworldly when you realize he’s performing all these stunts on a tiny scooter that is usually retired when a kid finally upgrades to a bike or skateboard. He has spent the last year traveling to various Birmingham, England, skate parks with other extreme scooter pros. He’s also trying to find a sponsor as continues to compete in professional competitions and tournaments. He dreams of locking down a sponsorship to become an official extreme scooter pro.

Lorimer, however, isn’t giving up, even if he’s gotten dinged up while attempting tricks others would be too scared to try. That is the Adrenalist way.

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