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5 Best Water-Skiing Trick Videos



If you’ve mastered the surfboard, or need a break from your wakeboard, throw on a pair of water skis for an extreme summer thrill

Take a look at the best water-skiing trick videos below and you’ll see what we mean.

Tony Klarich’s Front Flip

Some Adrenalists have the unique ability to throw gravity to the wind. Their balance and core strength is good enough to anchor themselves to one ski and pull off the same amazing tricks water skiers perform with two skis. In this video, this water-ski expert grinds on the waves, twists and flips around the rope, and makes precisions horizontal rotations. The most impressive of the water-skiing tricks, however, is the front flip, which he pulls off with a minimum amount of clearance off the water. It happens in one explosive, rapid burst, with him propelling himself off of a small wave and landing with the back of his ski planted firmly in the water.

Keith St. Onge’s Barefoot Water-skiing Skills

Using only one ski is an amazing feat, but what if you can pull off the same water-skiing tricks without any skis at all? That’s what barefoot water skiing is all about. Barefoot water skiing entails using your own feet as the skis, meaning you need to understand all there is about the physics and dynamics of surface tension and friction. Otherwise, you may injure yourself or stall out on the water. The plus side is that it enables you to perform a number of tricks that would be impossible to pull off if you were rooted to skis.

Tumble Turns

All of the most fundamental water-skiing tricks involves a solid start. You can begin either facing frontwards or, if you so choose, backwards. If you start backwards, like the skier does here, that means you need to then turn yourself forwards, which is not an easy task. Pulling it off means that you’re already off to a great start, and from there, the Adrenalist in this water-skiing video busts out a few jaw-dropping water-skiing tricks, including rotations just off the water, jumps caused by dipping the skis and a tumble turn, in which you drop yourself to the surface of the water and tumble back up.

GoPro On Rope

The best way to get an idea of how challenging water skiing can be is to take a look through a GoPro camera mounted on the rope. Here, as skiers do rotations and leg mounts on the rope, you can see how fast they’re moving. You also get to see the incredible balance and agility required to remain upright while being pulled along a lake. As for the tricks that require skiers to go face down on the water, they clearly have a high lung capacity.

GoPro Slalom

To really get a sense of the speed required for water skiing, you need to witness it from a bird’s eye view. Here, you’ll see what’s known as slalom water-skiing, in which the skier goes between and around a variety of obstacles — just as they would while slalom skiing down a mountain. The angles and sharpness of the corners the skier must take require incredible strength and precision. The skier must hold on to the rope even as he flies around these points and he needs to make sure he doesn’t overshoot or undershoot any of the marks. Sometimes going fast is the greatest trick there is.

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