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Adrenalist Sean Conway’s 1,000-Mile Swim Around Britain



As Adrenalists amass accomplishments and push humanity forward, a select few will always be looking to DO:MORE.

In this case, 32-year-old Cheltenham adventurer and Speedo athlete, Sean Conway, is one of those select few. On Jul. 2nd, Conway dipped into the icy waters off Land’s End at the south end of Britain to begin a 1,000-mile swim up the coast to John O’Groats at the northernmost point. No one has ever completed the swim before.

This swimming world record won’t be broken easily. Every day, from now until he reaches the northernmost settlement of Scotland, Conway plans to swim the length of the British Channel through some of the roughest waters in the sea, sleeping in a kayak or on slivers of flat land among the cliffs, when possible.

It’s a wide-eyed dream for an endurance sports athlete who began training for the swim just a few months ago. Already, just a few days into the journey, Conway and crew have faced down and overcome bouts of seasickness. This Adrenalist has a long way to go if he’s going to make history and etch his name at the top of swimming’s most impressive world records. You can track his journey and read updates at Sean Conway’s official site.

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