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Aerofex Aerospace Invents Hover Bike



A small California-based firm called Aerofex revived a flawed concept craft created in the 60s and fixed it. Long gone are the clunky controls that caused the bike to rollover or flip, throwing the rider to the ground, or worse. Now the bike is controlled intuitively; to balance the bike a rider must just shift his weight and balance himself.

So far the Aerofex has been tested up to 30 mph and 15 feet off the ground, but the company says the vehicle can go much faster and higher than that, not that it needs to, however. As notes, the Aerofex may hold most promise as an off-road emergency vehicle, ferrying medical supplies and expertise over rough terrain to otherwise unreachable places of need.

Of course, we can think of a few other ways to use the bike. Unfortunately, we won’t get to ride it for some time. Aerofex is testing a revamped version of the prototype in October, and then the company plans on using it as a model for developing unmanned hover drones.

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