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Alexander Polli’s Wingsuit Target Strike



How much control does Alexander Polli really have when he rides his wingsuit down a mountain at 150 mph?

Enough control to clothesline a styrofoam slalom gate, and continue unfazed through “The Crack,” one of the most perilous wingsuit paths in the world. The stunt, seen in the video above, is a visceral demonstration of the raw physics of wingsuit proximity flying. The styrofoam explodes on contact, but the pilot continues through the air like he didn’t hit a thing.

That’s just how Polli, one of the most accomplished wingsuit pilots in the world, flies: with precision, power and poise. Although his target strike isn’t the first ever done in a wingsuit, or even the first on that mountain, the Hinterrugg in Switzerland (Jeb Corliss struck a balloon there in his famous “Grinding the Crack” video), it’s probably the most dramatic wingsuit target strike yet accomplished during this sport’s brief history.

It makes us wonder what’s next.

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