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Pure Awesome Extreme Athletes Compilation



Adrenaline allows people to do some remarkable things. It’s not so much that people aren’t awesome already, but the ability to go beyond that which is considered ordinary and DO:MORE is what this site is all about.

We’ve already shown you some awesome people from 2013, but there are more out there, and we wouldn’t feel right keeping them to ourselves. There is a lot to take in with this video though. Your synapses are going to be assaulted by the insane stunts pulled off by the individuals featured in this video, and we’d like to give you an idea of who and what you’re actually watching.

First, lets start things off by saying that Phil Meier is a world class skier with an amazing amount of brio. The clip of him ski-gliding is enough to make you re-evaluate just what skiing is supposed to look like during an intense POV. Then there’s Ben Brown, a man that will kayak anywhere at any time. After that we’ve got the world’s largest slip ‘n slide sling shot, which we’ve got too. The world record snocross jump by Levi LaVallee is included, and does Travis Rice’s snowboarding action.

No compilation would be complete without the exploits of Matthias Giraud, who you may remember from his heli-ski misadventures, or possibly the time he was para-sking and found himself in the midst of an avalanche. Jeb Corliss and Alexander Polli soar through the skies in some awesome BASE jumping, skydiving and wingsuiting footage.

Then there are the simple, almost home video-esque clips of slow-mo slip n’ slide from ubiquitous YouTube user: Devin Super Tramp. There’s also some deliriously vertical climbing footage, a scooter as snowboard, wakeboarding, wing suits, and every ski trick you can imagine. It’s like the compiler of this video knew exactly what we love: Adrenalists at play in the wild in one 10 minute bonanza of movement. Enjoy.

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