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Best 360 Sports Tricks



Back in July, we did a feature called Craziest Backflips, which chronicled Adrenalists pulling off the ever-admired back flip across a variety of sports. Because we’re perpetual students of everything extreme and we’re continually pouring over each and every physical maneuver that makes a great video great, we’re taking this feature as an opportunity to highlight the 360, another move that every dunker, rider, surfer or driver must have in his arsenal. It’s not the flashiest or the most complex trick, but it’s at the root of  many great sports spectacles, often times separating the good from the great.

Here are six of the craziest 360s we’ve ever seen.

Basketball Breakaway

Before he played Division 1 ball, Elijah Johnson was a high-flying high school player, as evidenced by this incredible clip of him soaring through the air to bang home a 360-jam (the likes of which we usually only see at the highest rungs of the pro circuit). The best part is, Johnson didn’t dunk during practice or warm-ups. He did it right in the middle of a showcase game featuring some of the best players in the country. Pulling this off in front of what looks to be a packed arena is pretty epic.

BMX Showcase

Pro BMX rider Mark Webb’s 2011 run at the Dew Tour Championship’s BMX Park finals is absolutely replete with 360s. From frontflips to tailwhip tiretaps, it’s as if this performance was given with our feature in mind. Watch closely at the 0:58 mark for the move that’s our personal favorite.

Snowboard Compilation

It may be a little early in the season for snow sports, but we just couldn’t resist adding Travis Parker’s snowboard 360 showcase to the list. Two years after this was taken, Parker, who’s credited with being one of snowboarding’s primary popularizing forces, decided to cut loose his numerous sponsors and leave the sport to become a sushi chef. Then, in 2011, he signed a deal with K2 and returned to the slopes. We’re very glad he did.

Wakeboard First Time

When it comes to wakeboarding, we can tell anyone not in-the-know that the mere act of making it up to a standing position is extremely difficult. Every single moment you’re on that board, wiping out is just one ripple away. It takes real skill just to traverse in and out of the boat’s wake, so to do something like what you see above is pure expertise. We feel like Nick Reilly did a 360 or two before this video was released (he looks way too good at it) but the video credits do say it’s his first and believing that does make watching a little more fun, so why not? We believe.

Surfing Go-Pro

We didn’t include this incredible move by Kaoli Kahokuloa in our Extreme Surfing Tricks feature, but his 360 was on the top of our list this time. While shredding in Oahu, Hawaii, this rising star had the presence of mind to rig a Go-Pro on his board. Lucky for us. There’s nothing quite like seeing this trick from the angle presented at 0:42.

Rally Car Spin

We’re going to go out on a limb and say that every single Adrenalist imagines himself pulling off a stunt like this while driving to work in the morning. It’s become a part of the zeitgeist through action movies and TV shows because of its effortless look combined with its incredible danger, not to mention the extreme degree of skill required to mitigate its potentially deadly consequences. During 2010′s Goodwood Festival of Speed, Jean Ragnotti’s Renault 5 R5 rally car probably stunned onlookers as much as he’s stunned us and will almost certainly stun you. If you’re just in it for the 360, you can stop watching after the 0:10 mark, but if you like seeing rally cars go around super tight turns, definitely stay with it for the long haul.

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