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Best Multi-Person Tricks



Why have one person do a trick when you can have two, three, or even 138? We all sort of know it instinctively, but now’s the time to officially recognize that the only thing that might be cooler than a single Adrenalist doing a hardcore stunt is groups of Adrenalists doing the very same. That’s why we’ve scoured our internal archives and the Internet at large to compile a definitive guide to some of our favorite two-person and multi-person trick videos. The physical coordination is awe-inspiring and reminds us all that, whether you’re bungee jumping or motorcycling, there’s nothing like a little team work. As always, if we’ve missed one of your favorites, please enlighten.

Hot Wheels Stunt

This one’s for everyone who ever spent an afternoon in their room playing with their Hot Wheels track, imagining what it would be like if real sports cars could handle an upside-down loop as well as your miniature versions. In a Guinness World Record-setting trick, rally car driver Tanner Foust and stuntman Greg Tracy belted in to life-sized Hot Wheels cars and did a full flip around a looped track the likes of which had, until that moment, only been seen on the shelves of toy stores. Drivers, who revved their rides up to 53 mph pre-loop, reported experiencing about 7Gs of speed while going around the loop. Tanner Foust gushed: “That was pretty hardcore: the 7Gs. I felt like I was in a toy.” Would it have been cool to see just one car do this? Yes, absolutely, but why have one when two’s such an oh-so-very-sweet and possible option?

Skydiver/Snowmobiler Sync-Up

In May, we profiled this dual stunt where a skydiver flies under a snowmobile, moments before sticking a perfect landing in the crevasse between a snowy cliff. It’s blast from the past, yes, but one that absolutely needs to be rehashed for the purposes of this list. Performing either one of these stunts on their own is out-of-this-world difficult. Timing each so that they’re in perfect sync with the other, and avoiding all manner of awful injuries that could have easily resulted in the process? That’s something truly spectacular.

Largest Vertical Jump

The nice thing about skydiving is, you’re usually on your own, free to explore the magic of the open skies. While this extreme tranquility is second to none, as there is nothing to think about except the scenery, the speed and your landing. This characterization is true of many of the sport’s practicioners, but not quite accurate for the 138 divers who sped out of planes and toward each other at a deadly 220 mph assembled to form the largest group skydive in history. This stunt not only went down as the new vertical skydiving world record, but one of our favorites.

Team Parkour

There’s nothing like a little healthy run to motivate people to do amazing things and, watching Thailand’s Team Farang Parkour team flip, scale, and tumble over obstacles in the marvelous, totally inimitable way exhibited only by the world’s best, we couldn’t help but be thankful for all the multi-person tricks going on in this video. Watching a Parkour expert do dominate a landscape is one thing, but seeing the synergy between an entire crew is on another level entirely.

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