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Best Zip Lines



Who doesn’t like the rush of air whipping by your face as you speed down a zip line through the jungle, the Vegas lights, the desert or the snow-capped peaks of the arctic? Zip lines, as a rule of thumb, are meant to be enjoyed by all, but some of them are more Adrenalist-ready than others. That is, they’re aching to be flung down with the momentum that only pure excitement and bravery can truly urge the body to reach. These are the best zip lines for Adrenalists, if you didn’t already know.

Flightlinez – Las Vegas, Nevada

A 60-foot drop brings you a grand total of 800 feet as you soar past the tourists along Las Vegas’ Old Freemont Street district. The bright lights and constant thrills at the gaming tables and clubs are just extended to this aerial trip beneath the $700 million light show, Viva Vegas. You race past the lights of casinos, gift shops, restaurants and stores as you take in all that Vegas has to offer high up above where you would usually be experiencing it all. For a mere $15-$20 pricetag, this amazing experience will be the icing on top of your Vegas cake. Flightlinez is even nice enough to let you ride again for just $5.

Grouse Mountain – Vancover, British Columbia

The expanisve vistas of British Columbia can also be mixed with the exhilirating thrill of a zip line. Why climb down one mountain to climb back up the next when you can zip line between the two. The wintery snow will shimmer below you as you zip line down the mountains and take in those famous views going more than 50 km/hr. The Grouse Mountain experience has a bit of a higher price tag, ranging from $40-$109, but you’ll get to experience the mountain scenery like no other way possible.

AdrenaLUNA, St. Lucia

The Caribbean is often a place to relax on the sand with a nice paperback, but it can also be a heart-pumping experience led only by the moon. The Isle of St. Lucia is now leading night excusions through the forest and up “Eagle’s Claw,” where you’re launched through the trees at night until you arrive at another platform. A series of vines and cords bring you to another platform. Eventually you reach land, but then you just hike to the next adventure to start the zipping again. Rainforest Adventures offer great packages and discounts for their Luna tour, as well as their daytime tours.

Arenal Volcano, Costa Rica

At their website, Sky Adventures opens with “For the ultimate adrenaline rush, try zip lining.” We couldn’t agree more. An open-air Gondola ride brings you to an observation deck overlooking the volcano and the surrounding lake. Then a series of tree-hugging and ravine dangling zip lines bring you all the way back. You can even zip line at night and see the volcanic lava stirring in the Arenal. After you’ve raced down a zip line and witnessed the bright glow of the bubbling magma, you’ll be convinced that zip lining is the only way to visit a volcano.

Pronutra Zip 2000, Sun City, South Africa

The “Unreal” zip line, as it’s called, is just that: seemingly incomprehensible at the start. It is, without question, the world’s longest and fastest zip line. At over 2000 meters long and 285 meters high, you reach speeds of over 200 km/h on your way down. The combination of its length and the speed you attain obviously puts this zip line at our number 1 spot. If there is ever a question about the big daddies of the zip lines, the Pronutra “Unreal” Zip 2000 is the way to go.

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