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Blade, Skate And Bike At Night



The night tends to lend activities an air of mystery and danger. The sky is masked in opaque black and, if the moon is missing, you almost feel like you’re in space. In urban environments, the light pollution adds an ethereal sheen to the horizon. Regardless of the city noise and smog though, if you’re rolling down the street at night, cars can’t see you. Covert is nice if you’re a burglar, but when you’re an athlete alongside the road, you want to be as conspicuous as possible. This is particularly true when you’re on blades or wheels.

This group of bladers, skaters and bikers threw caution to the wind and set out to brave the dense, city traffic after dark. To feel the cool breeze of the night air and the rush of speed when gliding through the city. Watch as they weave through cars and buses, past hydrants and road signs, around construction crews and pedestrians tipsy from imbibing at local taverns. Some people go out dancing at night; others go rocketing down the street in a pack of fellow riders.

As the murky sidewalks and glittering street lights stream by the POV GoPro camera affixed to director’s helmet, a head-thumping beat plays in the background. You can just watch and experience the action from the safety of your computer, but if your adrenaline starts pumping and you feel an urge to plan your own night ride, don’t forget to invite friends and bring lights or reflectors. They only way you can go on another is if you get through the first one.

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