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BMX Freestyle World Championships



Touted as the world’s biggest and most important BMX Freestyle contest, the BMX Freestyle World Championships unfolds between July 13 and 15. The venue: the youth park (Jugendpark) in Germany’s fourth-largest city, Cologne.

For the event, over 350 riders will converge on Cologne, representing 40 countries including Australia, Thailand, Panama, Chile, Peru and South Africa. The riders will compete in five disciplines, namely Dirt, Flatland, Street, Park and, the most extreme of the bunch, Vert.

Every rider should have ample opportunity to flaunt skills and bust stunts because the park features everything from wall rides and spines to “a wicked jump box,” Cologne’s tourist board says. The bowl offers “almost unlimited possibilities,” it adds.

As the riders negotiate bumps, ramps and jumps, brace yourself for “bangers” and remember that the fringe events going on during the championships may be just as striking as the official, athletic frolics. “The parties at the BMX Masters are some of the best that Cologne’s night life has to offer,” the tourist board says.

Adrenalists by day, Adrenalists by night, that’s how BMX Freestlye World Championships are done.

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