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Bungee Jumper’s Worst Nightmare



Bungee jumping is one of the safer sports in the book of extreme games. Typically, the equipment is well-tested, the elasticity of the bungee properly measured, and the harness and rope securely fixed to jumper and whatever he or she is jumping from. But occacionally things go wrong.

That’s certainly the case in the video above, which features Australian jumper Erin Langworthy taking off from Victoria Falls Bridge over the mighty Zambezi River, which separates Zimbabwe from Zambia.  Just as the bungee goes taut, it snaps, dropping Langworthy 60 feet into crocodile infested waters.

Even scarier? The 22-year-old’s legs were still strapped into the broken bungee when she splashed down — a hindrance that may have kept a less capable jumper from swimming ashore. Langworthy spent several days in the hospital, but escaped the misadventure without serious injury. Things could have gone much, much worse.

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