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Watch Danny Campbell Rip Wave Rock



This video is the result of a collaboration between two industry leaders in the world of extreme sports. InfinityList, leader in high-quality, cinematic action sports videos, teamed up with Merecedes Benz Magazine to showcase Australian BMX biker, Danny Campbell. Campbell conquers “Wave Rock,” a 47 feet (14 meter) high 350 feet (110 meter) long granite rock face shaped like an over-vert pipe in Western Australia’s Outback.

Shot over a grueling 3-day stretch in the Hyden Wildlife Park, where temperatures are in the apolalyptic region where sponteanous combustion isn’t totaly far-fetched, the Wave Rock is hundreds of miles from the nearest Australian city of Perth. Danny Campbell spent a half day canvassing the granite rock, and noting it’s rougher-than-expected lips and dips that look smooth to the outside observer, but possess enough irregular divots to challenge even the best riders in the world.

The Wave Rock is so named because of it’s resemblance to the face of a wave. It almost appears as if Poseidon decided to create a lasting image to himself in granite; the rock a commemoration of his lording the high seas. Way makes riding it look very easy in the video, but even the most advanced riders would have a hard time flipping, and flying like Way does because the granite face is not without wrinkles in the terrain. Even though it seems sandblasted to perfection in honor of Poseidon, it’s got the pock marks and bumpy lumps characteristic of all of life’s natural beauties.

Click play below and marvel at how Way rides the Australian treasure. If the combination of his riding and the otherworldly beauty of the terrain doesn’t impress you, then you’ve spent too much with an unstimulated adrenal gland.

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