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Dean Potter Slacklines At 6,000 Feet



Have you ever looked out the window of a rising plane (when it’s at, say, 6,000 feet) and thought “I’m so glad I’m inside”? We have.

Something tells us daredevil Dean Potter hasn’t.

As he makes his way across a 130-foot slackline 6,000 feet above China’s Enshi Canyon, he doesn’t even look phased.

But, wait, it’s probably because he has a parachute, right?

Wrong. It’s all him out there and one wrong move means certain death. Mind boggling, yes, but do you know what’s truly scary? For Potter, an accomplished free climber, BASE jumper and highliner who’s breezed through one of the hardest El Capitan routes in 34 hours and 57 minutes and slacklined above Yosemite National Park without backup line, chute or lanyard, this isn’t even THAT big a deal.

The man’s inhuman.

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