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Devin Supertramp’s Human Slingshot



Devin Supertramp is no stranger to adrenaline-infused stunts, but his human slingshot extravaganza is extreme, even for him.

Devin Supertramp, also known as Devin Graham, is a master of the fun-meets-extreme viral video. His previous exploits include the world’s largest rope swing, the human slip ‘n’ slide slingshot and tricycle drifting.

The star in his latest video is a giant, human-catapulting slingshot – “the original human slingshot,” claims the Pope family, the owners of the extreme device at Hobble Creek Lodge near Springville, Utah. Participants strap themselves into the human slingshot before having an ATV pull the ropes back. When it’s time to soar, the person on the ATV simply lets go of the ropes, propelling the other through the air.

For more of Devin Supertramp’s signature style, keep an eye on his continuously updated YouTube channel.

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