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Devin Supertramp’s Slip and Slide Launch Ramp



The “Slip N Fly” launch ramps at Ohio Dreams Action Sports Camp guarantee big air, but throw action sports filmmaker, Devin Supertramp, into the mix, and you have a recipe for extreme fun.

Located in the Mohican forest between Columbus and Cleveland, the action sports camp plays host to Devin Graham’s latest adrenaline-fueled production. This video is episode two in Graham’s #DEWroadtrip series, a sponsored tour across America in search of the best action sports features the country has to offer. Previously, Graham captured Adrenalists launching themselves into the crisp air of the Rockies with the human slingshot at Hobble Creek Lodge in Utah.

For more Slip and Slide fun and to see how Graham pulls off his GoPro wizardry, check out the behind the scenes video. Be sure to check out Devin Supertramp’s Human Slingshot and his tricycle drifting videos.

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