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DIY Snowboarding With Think Thank



A “banger” is a colloquialism meaning high-level snowboarding trick. Snowboarding bangers can be anyone, but they feel like unalloyed spirits on the snowboarding scene simply because they’re performing tricks on their boards without the usual ingredients: a half-pipe  or a jump, and tons of snow. Think about that the next time you see someone getting incredible air at the next big winter competition. These guys are doing incredibly difficult tricks with stuff you could find in any junk yard.

The lack of money didn’t stop the Think Thank producers from filming Mind the Video Man, a three part series of clips from behind-the-scenes of the film called Primary Parts. The first part was released in November and it features all the mad tricks from the Mind the Video Man bangers; plus, it’s hosted by the video man himself.

The second part features a host of bangers from Part 1, but also some new faces who ride and flip and kick all with little regard for their safety or the ramshackle environs they’re tricking out in. As one of Think Thank’s lead boarders, Scott Stevens, says after the release of part 2 in the Primary Parts series, ”We’re able to work with a little bit less, and that’s a good thing.” We agree, and we believe it’s a huge part of an Adrenalist.

The DIY ethos of the Think Thank crew and the other bangers who might not have the space or money to really showcase their talents, is part of the Adrenalist vibe. The Think Thank tricks are more imaginative and creative because they have to be. There isn’t enough space or money to go after huge airs, so they make do with what they have, which is a whole lot of vision and creativity normally reserved for the vanguard of the art world.

We have to salute anyone that can wow us with a limited budget.

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