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Tough Mudder, Meet Team Everest



In October we asked for those who felt they were tough enough mentally and physically to compete in the upcoming Tough Mudder course in Tampa, FL.  Well, thanks to your help, we identified the “Team Everest” team members – those who are crazy enough to attempt one of the toughest races in the world.

Here’s your Team Everest.

  • 1. Will H

    Will H

    Name: Will H.

    Age: 27

    Hometown: Montville, CT

    Qualifications: I am a 2007 graduate of the University of Vermont where I played varsity baseball. I also have a Masters Degree in Ecological Education and Leadership from the Audubon Expedition Institute. I have worked as an outdoor educator and guide for various outdoor activities around the world including backpacking in Mexico and the Western U.S., whitewater rafting in Utah, ice climbing and cross country skiing in upstate New York, and snorkeling in Hawaii. I have also led trips in Ecuador, studied in Costa Rica and rock climbed in Thailand. I am a Nationally Registered EMT and a Wilderness EMT. I am now the Head Trainer at Ocean State CrossFit in Rhode Island and compete in regional CrossFit events. I hope to compete in the national CrossFit Games.

    What’s the toughest obstacle you’ve overcome in your life (physical or otherwise)?: I had to think about this for a minute. I think I would replace the word obstacle with challenge. While it may seem like semantics, an obstacle is described as something the hinders or prevents progress and a challenge is a task or situation that tests one's abilities. An obstacle gives some connotation of failure while a challenge presents you with an opportunity for success. With that said, my biggest physical challenge was my first solo run down Westwater Canyon on the Colorado River. It was flowing at about 12,000 cubic feet per second and I remember being petrified of Skull Rapid. I made it through unscathed thanks to the crazy burst of adrenaline that hit me as I looked into the whitewater and paddled like hell!

  • 2. Ryan T

    Ryan T

    Name: Ryan T.


    Hometown: Red Wing, MN

    Qualifications: I’ve always been active and involved in sports. In 2011, I’ve run Tough Mudder So Cal, No Cal and VA. I love Tough Mudder and purchased the Annual Pass for 2012. I’ll be running Saturday and Sunday of at least 6 events in 2012. I’ll also be running at least two ½ marathons, a GoRuck Challenge and Ragnar Relay in 2012. To stay healthy, I go to a personal training boot camp 4 days a week, play volleyball a couple of days a week and run a few days a week. I also volunteer as a Big Brother and have been paired with the same Little Brother for over 6 years. Tough Mudder is not about just being physically strong, but being mentally strong and dedicated enough to achieve what you set out to do.

    What’s the toughest obstacle you’ve overcome in your life (physical or otherwise)?: 
I am a first generation college graduate. One of the toughest obstacles for me was my parents getting a divorce half way through college. Over 50% of you have experienced what it is like to go through. I was able to make it through in 4 years and a couple of years later, I earned my MBA. It taught me how to deal with many of the situations life throws at you! I was very successful in real estate during the boom, and was one of the ones who got caught in the downturn. Going from boom to bust and starting over was definitely a tough challenge! I’ve got my eyes on the future because opportunities can arise when you least expect them and I am ready!

  • 3. Michael R

    Michael R

    Name: Michael R.

    Age: 25

    Hometown: Worcester, MA

    Qualifications: Ruckus, Boston 2010; Tough Mudder, New England 2011; Rugged Maniac, MA 2011 (finished top 5% of men)

    What’s the toughest obstacle you’ve overcome in your life (physical or otherwise)?: I would say my toughest obstacle is the one I am still trying to overcome which is medical school. Each day is like trying to drink water from a fire hose as you try to retain every disease and disorder. There is a constant pressure to learn everything, as the little details can literally mean life or death for your future patients. The academic work is always a battle, but my biggest challenge ahead is having to accept that I won't be able to cure everyone. I am dreading the day when I will have to tell someone they have cancer or some other life threatening disease that we will not be able to do anything about. Its unrealistic for me to think that I can help everyone, but I still feel that I am failing my patients if I don't have all the answers for them. That's part of the reason why I want to go into family medicine. I want to work with my patients to help them stay away from preventable diseases such as hypertension and type 2 diabetes so they can enjoy a healthy long life. Before I tackle that challenge, I still need to get through these coming exams.....

  • 4. Lucas W

    Lucas W

    Name: Lucas W.

    Age: 28

    Hometown: Heber City, Utah

    Qualifications are: I'm willing do anything for a teammate. Including paying the ultimate sacrifice on the battlefield without hesitance. And never knowing when that time will come, I always try to stay in the best shape I can physically, mentally and spiritually so I can perform under any circumstance.

    What’s the toughest obstacle you’ve overcome in your life (physical or otherwise)?: When everyone else went to college, at the age of 19 to 21 I went to a 3rd world country called Honduras to serve a church mission. I knew no Spanish, with the exception of what I learned as a kid from Sesame Street. One other missionary and I walked the streets (roughly 10 miles a day) we talked to and taught people for two years and at about 8 months I became fluent in Spanish. It was the most rewarding two years of my life, yet also the most difficult obstacle I've been able to overcome, so far.

  • 5. Lisa L

    Lisa L

    Name: Lisa L.

    Age: 29

    Hometown: Shrewsbury, Massachusetts

    Qualifications: Former competitive gymnast, Marathon Runner (recently completed the Amica Marathon in Newport, RI, am scheduled to run the Hyannis marathon in February of 2012 and the Boston Marathon in April of 2012), have completed the Tough Mudder New England at Mt. Snow in Vermont in May of 2011, to date I have completed 8 adventure/obstacle races, recently completed the Boston GoRuck Challenge in September 2011 and will be participating again in the GoRuck Challenge St. Patrick's Day in Boston 2012, and I am participating in the Spartan Death Race in June of 2012. It's all about "Good livin'!"

    What’s the toughest obstacle you’ve overcome in your life (physical or otherwise)?: In my short existence on Earth, I have sustained a significant number of injuries and personal roadblocks/challenges that I have had to overcome, as does every athlete. The worst was not something that physically happened to me, but to someone close to me. Last November my father fell from a roof and sustained life threatening injuries. He was in the ICU unit for weeks and had subsequent infections/complications that resulted, keeping him in the hospital much longer. The uncertainty of the situation and watching someone I love so much suffer was a much bigger strain on the psyche than I was prepared for. I am thankful I have such a strong family who stuck together and in the end, my father pulled through, recovered from his injuries and was given a clean bill of health this past summer. He's the strongest person I know.

  • 6. Danny K

    Danny K

    Name: Danny K

    Age: 24

    Hometown: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

    Qualifications: I am a firefighter who works out and trains almost every day. I have run a half marathon, completed one Tough Mudder and qualified for the Worlds Toughest Mudder. I have bungee jumped and have gone skydiving. I have had the privilege to travel overseas to play rugby and I also used to box.

    What’s the toughest obstacle you’ve overcome in your life (physical or otherwise)?: My toughest obstacle both mentally and physically was my 11 month training to get on to the Milwaukee Fire Department.

  • 7. Bob M

    Bob M

    Name: Bob M.

    Age: 36

    Hometown: Wilder, Vermont

    Qualifications: Ex-D1 College Athlete, P90X, Insanity, Asylum Alum, Triathlete

    What’s the toughest obstacle you’ve overcome in your life (physical or otherwise)?: I've been fortunate and have always faced obstacles with optimism which has made them less daunting to overcome. After spending ten years sitting on a couch, getting used to beer-league softball as exercise, getting fit and finding the time to get fit while raising two terrific kids, having a full time job and being a good husband has been tough. But an obstacle? Nah. Just a hurdle to jump.

  • 8. Alex S

    Alex S

    Name: Alex S

    Age: 24

    Hometown: Eden Prairie, MN (currently Boulder, CO)

    Qualifications: I climbed 4 of the 7 Summits by the age of 19, I finished in the top 5% of the Colorado Tough Mudder last June, I have a tattoo on my butt

    Toughest obstacle: Finding my dream job in this economy (

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