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Ernie Torres breaks world record for skydiving board break



Hungry Adrenalists are always hunting for the next big record to break, and skydiving martial arts is the latest category to become the prey.

On May 23, black belt, skydiving instructor and military man, Ernie Torres, jumped from an airplane above Arizona and punched his way into history. With the help of a team of skydiving professionals, Torres punched through 12 pine boards while in freefall, smashing the previous record of seven boards broken by Jason David Frank earlier this year.

While breaking boards in mid-air may seem humorous, Torres maintains that his stunt was no joke. He hopes to use the publicity from the video to raise awareness and funds for the Wounded Warrior Project. Donate to the cause to provide comfort to an injured warrior returning home from armed conflict.

While the video proof appears to show Torres easily broke the record, Guinness has yet to make it official. In the meantime, check out the best GoPro skydiving videos for more skydiving insanity.

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