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Most of us would consider our apartments to be tricked out if they had working dishwashers. When we buy a house someday, a garage would be nice to have, but a media room and pool? That’s the stuff of dreams.

It could be that our goals are just modest, but seeing some of these homes turned us on to some in-home features that we couldn’t dream up if we tried.

Home is where the heart is, but these little additions fit for an Adrenalist King would make that heart beat a whole lot faster. Feast your eyes on some of the most extreme residences in the world. Who says staying home can’t be a rush?

The High-Tech

So you like to climb, huh? But you’re too busy, you say? Well, do you own an awesome apartment and have some spare cash (we’re guessing a lot) to throw around? If you answered, “yes,” then we’ve got a real treat for you. Though this piece’s price and market availability is not yet known, Munich design group LUNAR Europe’s Nova rock climbing wall is a truly impressive addition to any high-tech, extreme home. Instead of mimicking a boulder formation, Nova’s sleek modern sculpture features a variety of art-deco-style hand-hold cutouts, each backed by ambient light. Owners may use an application on their iPhone to choose a climbing course (depending on what difficulty they’re up for) and hand-holds will light up to guide them along their chosen route. Seriously, this actually exists.

Extreme Homes

The Heart-Pounding Fun

Vacations are all about letting off steam, indulging yourself with a carefree mindset and, basically, reverting back to childhood in as many ways as you possibly can. There’s no better place to live your vacation fantasies than at this Koh Samui, Thailand rental home that features five bedrooms, three whirlpool spas, a 990 square-foot pool and a double loop 256-foot water slide that leads into said 990 square-foot pool. Imagine opening up your windows to a beautiful Thai morning breeze, throwing on your swim trunks and postponing a shower for a speeding, flipping descent down into a shimmering blue pool. The coolest part about this extreme home is it’s up for rent and could be yours. For a little while, anyway. Or a long while, depending on your means.

The Shock and Awe

If you have a tendency to get dizzy or nauseous, please do everyone a big favor and stay far away from this Upside Down House, built in the small village of Szymbark, Poland by Polish businessman and philanthropist Daniel Czapiewski. The domicile’s odd exterior structure is, surprisingly, mimicked inside the house. Every day, droves of tourists enter on the second floor to find furniture and appliances mounted on the ceiling and a sudden queasy feeling in their stomachs. Though no one lives here full time and there are no skate parks, climbing walls, or water slides, we’ve included it on our list because of its adrenaline-pumping construction. After all, it’s quite rare that a building’s mere form, separate from the contents inside, evokes such an intense physical rush. The Upside and Down House in an anomaly in more ways than one. If you have a weak stomach and do decide to visit, we’re sure you’ll still have a magical time.

The Total Package

Boy oh boy, does it pay to be good at sports. Up until this point, our list’s been comprised of properties with single unique features. We’ve chosen to cap things off with the 16,600 square foot, $19.8 million abode of pro ball player, Adriane Beltre. Why? Because his Bradbury, California mansion is a mulch-dimensional mecca of extreme, the one residence on our list that truly has it all. First, there’s an expansive recreation room with a batting cage. Cool, yes, but not that surprising. Beltre’s a baseball player after all. Then comes the infinity pool. After that, golf greens that could rival Pebble Beach, and full tennis courts too. Hmm, it still seems like something’s missing. Oh yes, the basketball courts. Beltre’s is an athlete’s paradise, a temple of competition that conveys an all-encompassing appreciation for sport.

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