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Extreme Pogo Stick Tricks



Raise your hand if, when we say “extreme sports,” you think of pogo sticks. No hands? That’s what we thought. Pogo sticks are viewed by most as that toy you play with as a little kid, if you can manage to keep the stick upright. A few intrepid individuals, however, have managed to turn it into a pretty awesome sport, treating the stick like a vertical skateboard — grinding, bouncing off walls, jumping stairs and the like. Here, shot with the GoPro first-person camera, you can see some of their spectacular pogo stick tricks, which look like a combination of skateboarding, rollerblading and Parkour. Like Parkour, or freerunning, pogo-sticking takes serious advantage of the urban landscape and structural surroundings. Just wait for the pogo-stick front flip, the between-the-legs shuffle and the bouncing-off-the-top-of-the-rail maneuver, and you’ll never doubt pogo-sticking’s legitimacy ever again.

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