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Faith Dickey Slacklines Between Trucks



Here at The Adrenalist, it’s always our goal to showcase those extreme achievements that will make the hair on the back of their necks stand up. We always try to find the stunts that will shock, awe, or inspire. Sometimes, we showcase stunts that do all three at the same time.

For Adrenalist Faith Dickey, executing these kinds of stunts is a piece of cake.

On a (luckily empty) Croatian highway, slackliner Faith Dickey battled wind gusts,  a rapidly approaching tunnel entrance and the threat of certain death as she walked between two speeding trucks on a slackline. The stunt was part of a Volvo ad promoting the stability of its new FH model truck. Dickey’s a pro with MI6-level chops so she made it safely across. We just hope Volvo’s engineers made extra certain those eighteen wheelers were wobble-free before sending her up there.

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