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Flying Underwater: Oceanwings Aquatic Flight



Warning: evolution in progress. Made of neoprene and inspired by a manta ray, the Oceanwings wetsuit lets a diver “fly” underwater. It is one step along the way from inspiration to new adventure sport. It’s a work in progress, but a novel concept with countless possibilities.

“The analogy between aerial and aquatic flight illustrates this intense tri-dimensional feeling met by underwater humans,” says designer Guillaume Binard. Binard might be on to something here, as outlandish as his philosophy sounds. Alas, the Oceanwings will never be available for sale. It’s an “art piece prototype,” says Frederique Gouin, spokesman for Aqua Lung, the company that manufactured the wet suit.

That’s how many big ideas start. See the first wingsuit prototypes, for example. They weren’t much of an improvement upon the state of the art. It’s not unreasonable to assume that one day we will really be flying underwater.

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