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Get Ready For Summer Sports



Summer is finally here, and with it comes a slew of sports that we’ve, unfortunately, put on hold during the winter season.

The weather is getting warmer, the flowers are in bloom and the sky has turned blue. You don’t have any excuse to be cooped up anymore, and you don’t need to dress like an astronaut in layers of winter clothes. Get outside and get your adrenaline fix.

With summer comes the opportunity to do sports you couldn’t practice in the snow, rain or cold. If you need a little inspiration, here are five great videos to get your blood pumping for summer sports.


Though summer sports might have you thinking of mountains and beaches, we’ll begin close to the city. The snow has thawed and, now that you have open city streets to play with, Parkour is an option. Its close cousin, free running, is an option as well. These two sports are all about navigating a city environment in creative and acrobatic ways, just using your acrobatics. Check out the video above and you’ll be aching to go jump off some buildings.

Starting off in the concrete jungles of Europe, the whole philosophy of Parkour is not just to see the urban environment as obstacles, but as a whole new way of navigating the world. This video makes clear these guys are not only amazing athletes they’re mildly crazy daredevils, jumping between buildings and otherwise defying gravity for that thrill.


You’ve been in the gym all winter, practicing bouldering and building up strength. Now, the weather has turned and the great outdoors, with all the rocks and boulders you’ve dreamt of while climbing under florescent lights, are calling to you. We know that you want to feel real granite and enjoy the sense of accomplishment of climbing a real mountain, not a gym wall.

Take a look at the video above of a climber in Mallorca. Climbing like this is called deep water soloing, as they have no ropes and no protection, except the water below.


For many of these summers sports, there are actually hardy souls that’ll attempt them in the bitter cold, with special gear. Put on enough layers and you can pretend it’s summer under your coat. One thing you can’t do, however, is kayak on a frozen river, or a dry river. Depending on where you live, the thaw, or the spring melt that turns a creek into a river, is a necessary part of the sport.

The video above of the Grand Prix in Quebec, a white water kayaking competition in a six stage competition, is astounding.

Mountain Biking

Mountain biking is another sport that goes well with sunshine. This is about being in nature, looking it in the eye and challenging it to a contest of split-second timing and skill.

The Adrenalists in the video above, however, didn’t think that was enough. They set out to build a whole series of ramps and other obstacles in the middle of their idyllic forest. When a challenge isn’t big enough, you have to get to work and make it more challenging.


The ultimate summer sport. Yeah, you can put on the wetsuit (or even more heavy duty equipment) but really, when you think of surfing you imagine the blazing sun and the warm sand. Surfing is what you think of when you think of summer sports. We’re going to leave you with a tribute to the most impressive big wave surfing out there. The video above is truly the epitome of the perfect summer. Catching the big wave and riding it off into the sunset is all that matters.

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