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Goofy Vs Regular: What’s your stance?



The first time you step on a board of any kind, whether you want to ride snow, water or concrete, you will have to figure out one important detail: Are you goofy or regular footed? This means, do you ride with your right foot forward (goofy) or your left (regular)? The winner of the Goofy Vs Regular battle is the style that’s right for you.

Here are a handful of foolproof methods to figure out if you are a goofy or regular Adrenalist:

Kick a soccer ball:

Your dominant foot will be your back foot. So, if you kick with your right foot, that will be your back foot, making you regular-footed. For this reason, righties are usually regular-footed and lefties are usually goofy-footed.

Slide in the snow:

Take a running start on snow-covered ground or a slippery hardwood floor while wearing socks. Once you get some speed, continue by sliding. You will naturally place one foot in front or slightly ahead of the other. Congrats, you’ve determined your stance!

Play tug of war:

Get into a heated match of tug-of-war, or failing that, pull hard on a doorknob or other fixed object. Again, you will naturally place your feet in one orientation or the other, thus determining your stance.

Close your eyes and relax:

Have a friend gently push you. (You should be standing with equal weight on each foot). To regain your balance, you’ll instinctively step forward with one foot—that’s your dominant foot.

Now all you have to learn is how to ride mountains, waves and ramps. No biggie, right? Tell us if you ride Goofy or Regular in the comments below or @DegreeMen on Twitter.

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