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GoPro Extreme Sports Montage Proves Humans Are Awesome



Humans are truly awesome creatures, and GoPro has video proof of why.

Aptly titled Humans are Awesome, the video is a dizzying ode to our favorite mobile recording device. The video shows a montage of sports and activities that the GoPro camera can capture, including motorsport, surfing, skydiving, snowmobiling, BMX riding and skateboarding, just to name a few. Not all content has to be record-setting stunts. The video gives thanks to the everyday Adrenalists as well. Anyone who has a camera and a desire to follow GoPro’s mantra, “be a hero,” is part of the video.

The beauty of the GoPro camera is it puts you in the driver’s seat. The camera gives you unprecedented access to the rider and you see what they see. This gives you a front-row viewing of all elements involved: the speed, the sound and the weather. The durable camera captures footage above the clouds and under the water. You even get you a first-person point-of-view into some spectacular wipeouts.

The Humans are Awesome proves why we love it the GoPro camera so much. This small durable camera has revolutionized the way we see sports and this video is a testament to the incredible things humans are capable of.

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