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Highest Ever BASE Jump Launches From Mount Everest



Nobody has ever BASE-jumped from an exit point as high as this.

On May 5, Valery Rozov completed the highest ever BASE jump, when he leapt from a cliff on the north side of Mount Everest. The 48-year-old Russian free-fell for several seconds before he caught thin air and glided on his wingsuit for nearly a minute. He landed on Ronbuk glacier on the Tibetan side of Everest.

The official exit point elevation was 23,687 feet, nearly a mile below the summit of the world’s highest mountain, but 2,000 feet above the previous highest BASE jump record set by Glenn Singleman and Heather Swan. In 2006, the husband and wife team jumped from Mount Meru, in India.

Rozov’s elaborate stunt involved a team of sherpas and camera men, a custom wingsuit and years of practice and preparation. The Russian daredevil has made more than 10,000 jumps, including leaps from Ulvetanna in Antarctica, and into Mutnovsky volcano in Russia. The latter was the first ever skydive into an active volcano.

Rozov’s latest exploit was made in commemoration of the 60th anniversary of Edmund Hilary and Tenzing Norgay’s 1953 first-ascent of Everest, though, Hilary and Norgay got back down a lot slower than Valery Rozov though.

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