The Adrenalist

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James Doerfling and Linden Feniak are wizards of trail riding



Trail riding encompasses a number of obstacles unseen by the traditional cyclist or BMX rider, but what a pro can pull off on the trail is nothing less than supernatural.

There’s a reason riders James Doerfling and Linden Feniak refer to themselves as the “trail wizards.” As you can see in their latest video, Welcome the Trail Wizard, Feniak and Doerfling use their trail riding wizardry to tear up the Sunshine Coast in British Columbia. The five-minute film, put together by a team of awesome sponsors including Joystick Bicycle Components, Knolly and SR SUNTOUR, gloriously captures the effortless thrill and thrash of mountain bike trail riding.

Riding like this isn’t easy, but with the right bike and a little practice, you too can ride the trail. It’ll take a bit more than that to ride like Feniak and Doerfling, though. Brush up on your magic and maybe you’ll be able to ride like these Adrenalists.

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