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Jamie Barrow Shreds British Snowboard Speed Record



Snowboarding is typically about the height you can achieve coming off a half-pipe and the tricks you can pull off within the time you’re airborne. For Jamie Barrow, however, snowboarding is all about trying to go as fast as you possibly can.

Jamie Barrow goes fast. In fact, he goes faster than any British snowboarder has ever been clocked. On Apr. 18th, Barrow was at the Speedski facilities in Verbier, Switzerland looking down a long hill with no thoughts about catching an edge or breaking his tuck. He just wanted to go as fast as possible, as seen in his chat after the run. He did just that, getting clocked at over 94 mph, and breaking the unofficial British snowboard speed record of 82.021 mph. Coincidentally, the previous high was set by Barrow’s teacher, James Foster.

Jamie Barrow has been snowboarding since the age of eight, and is a former British Junior Champion. Currently, he’s a member of the British Snowboardcross Team, where Barrow dons a suit of body armor and full-face helmet.

The world snowboard speed record, according to Guinness, was set on May 2, 1999, by Australian, Darren Powell, in Le Arcs, France. Powell blasted the snowboard speed record by zooming went over 125 mph. Jamie still has a ways to go if he wants to compete with that, but take note that the average snowboarder tops out at 35-mph down a slope, and as much as 60 mph when really taking it to the max. Jamie went 30-mph beyond that speed, and Powell went 30-mph beyond him.

One of these days, Powell might have Barrow close on his tail.

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