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Jetpack Skiing



If you’re a skier or snowboarder, you’ve probably been frustrated at some point by long, slow stretches of flat terrain leading either back to the lift or to all the roped-off, backwoods runs. For this particular mountain dilemma, professional aerial stuntman, skydiver, wingsuit pilot, BASE jumper and inventor Troy Hartman may just have the perfect remedy.

Behold, Hartman’s jetpack backpack. This compact, engine-powered machine enabled the daredevil to speed over flat terrain at velocities of up to 50 mph, and that wasn’t even at full capacity. In fact, it was at just half of full throttle. Yes, that means there’s a scenario in which Hartman could’ve probably traveled 100 mph on a ski slope…and that’s not even considering going downhill. No word yet on when, if, or where similar jetpacks will be available, but we sure wish Hartman could bang out a couple more of these things for us. Your fellow Adrenalists need to go fast, Troy. We need to go very very fast.

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