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Daredevils Wingsuit Through Soaring Skysrapers in Downtown Rio



Beware of gleaming slabs of glass and steel, especially when you’re wingsuit flying 80 mph through the airspace barely above Rio de Janeiro.

Jokke Sommer and Ludovic Woerth did not have permission to wingsuit over Brazil in early March, but to keep the stunt “safe,” they dropped from their tiny aerial vehicle at 5:45 a.m., 20 minutes before the skies buzzed with commercial air traffic.

At least these Adrenalists respect the safety of those flying in friendlier skies. The two pilots had to thread a gap between Ventura Corporate Towers that is just 26-feet wide. A slight miscalculation would not have ended pretty.

Jokke Sommer and Ludovic Woerth both are pros, however, having choreographed dozens of death-defying drops skimming all manner of complex and terrifying terrain. Sommer and Woerth take great care to ensure every stunt goes right, and every shot is captured for Adrenalists to join in on the fun.

Another stunt done, another opportunity to do it bigger, crazier and elsewhere, again.

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